About the Book

Pages: 314, including Index.

Table of Contents:

Chap. 1: Introduction
Chap. 2: In the Beginning… there was Smashmouth Football
Chap. 3: Ready, Set, Relaunch
Chap. 4: A Stroke of Oliver Luck
Chap. 5: The Business of XFL Football
Chap. 6: The Alliance of American Football
Chap. 7: Staffing the XFL
Chap. 8: Building a Player Pool
Chap. 9: Identity Building
Chap. 10: Rules, Rules, Rules
Chap. 11: XFL Draft
Chap. 12: Getting Ready
Chap. 13: Let’s Play Football
Chap. 14: Coronavirus shutdown
Chap. 15: XFL Future
Chap. 15: Epilogue
Appendix A: 2020 XFL Draft Invitees
Appendix B: 2020 XFL Schedule
Appendix C: 2020 XFL Final Standings
Appendix D: 2020 XFL Player Awards
Appendix E: 2020 XFL Individual Stat Leaders
Appendix F: 2020 XFL Attendance.
Appendix G: 2020 XFL Television Viewership.
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